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28 November 2015, FA Trophy, 3rd Qualifying Round. Dartford 1, Whitehawk 2. Images from Peter White and Ian Turner included. Whitehawk are seen as ambitious. Owners John Summers and Peter McDonnell have stated that they want to build a six thousand seater stadium, speak of a five year plan to get into the Football League, and compare Whitehawk FC to Brighton and Hove Albion as you would Espanyol to Barcelona. They also want to change the name of the club to Brighton City FC. Whilst it would be unfair to say that they had no fans, the truth is that they have very few. Their average crowd so far this season sits at about five hundred, up from two hundred last season which made them the worst supported side in the National League South. The self styled ‘Whitehawk Ultras’- and that title is deliberately ironic- tend to number no more than 50, and can be found behind the goal at whichever end their team happen to be attacking, equipped with drums, a hunting horn, a bell, a rattle and what sounds rather like an air raid siren. They deliver a continual cacophony throughout the match, singing some of the most bizarre songs you’re ever likely to hear at a football ground, waving their keys in the air whenever their team earn a corner (this apparently signifies a ‘key moment’)
“Meat Pie, Sausage Roll, come on Whitehawk, give us a goal!” More
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