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16 May 2023. Inaugural Dartford FC staff v Management match, 11x11 for 30 mins each way (except for one team that played 13 during the game. 2:2 and penalty shoot out which made the burgundy team the first winners of the new trophy
Manager - Tony Burman
Assistant Manager - Elliot Leveson
1. Adam Withers (GK)
2. Jay Berkhauer (C)
3. Martin McCarthy
4. Ben Scotton
5. Babe Soder
6. Rhys Terry
7. Sarah Cole
8. Dave Hubble
9. Terry Groom
10. Marvin Herschel
11. Ben Greenhalgh
12. Mac Egan
14. Alan Dowson
20. Sam Odaudu
21.Leo Mazone
22. Steve Church (GK)

Manager-Darren Phillips
1.Dan Colmer (Gk)
3.George Bolton
4.Albie Henry
5.Rob Sillince
6.Kai Osborn
7.Ollie Sutton
8.Ted Cowap
9.Warren Bull (C)
10.Darren Phillips
11.Harry King
12.Justin Stone
14.Scott Bolton
15.Finley Sillince
16.Fraser Sillince
17.George Boulton
18.Darren Corley
19.Conner Druce
20.Liam Burton
24.Owen Towers

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