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Created 17-Jul-22
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16 July 2022. On a very hot and sunny afternoon at Bromley FC's Hayes Lane ground, on a roasting 3G pitch, all players were challenged by the conditions. Result 0:0 but an entertaining if slow start to the first half which "hotted" up in the second half. Noticed the Che Krabbendam now plays for Bromley FC and Dartford have secured Luke Coulson from them on a 6th month loan.

I arrived early as usual, to see Bromley's U23 team playing a match on the pitch so enjoyed a pint of soda, ice and lime until that ended. Dartford's team were instructed to use the changing rooms allocated to the U23s located behind the main stand, and consequently the teams came on the pitch separately from different access points before the match.

Dartford FC
1. Dan Wilks, 2. Jordan Wynter, 3. Kristian Campbell, 4. Samir Carruthers, 5. Connor Essam, 6. Tom Bonner (C), 7. Luke Coulson, 20. Sam Odaudu, 10. Kieran Murtagh, 11. Davide Rodari, 17. Maxwell Statham.

Subs: Charlie Sheringham, Alex Wall, Jayden Boulton, Ali Mansaray,

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